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As well as being able to purchase our whole range of Black Seed oil products online on our website in the comfort of your own home, our partnership with The Discount Chemist and In2Health Pharmacy means you can now also find a select range of our Black Seed oil products at the below pharmacies. 

The Discount Chemist Berala

Address7/157 Woodburn Rd, Berala NSW 2141

Phone: (02) 9649 1160

 Operating Hours


Monday 9am–8:30pm
Tuesday 9am–8:30pm
Wednesday 9am–8:30pm
Thursday 9am–8:30pm
Friday 9am–8:30pm


In2health Pharmacy 

Address150/142 Bringelly Rd, Orchid Hills NSW 2747

Phone: (02) 4736 8422


Operating Hours


Monday 8am–7:00pm
Tuesday 8am–7:00pm
Wednesday 8am–7:00pm
Thursday 8am–7:00pm
Friday 8am–7:00pm


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Great product

Love this oil it's the best thing I have used. I take the capsules twice a day and I have never felt better, they are what I needed thanks you blackseed company


All as should be and timely. Will be shopping here again.

Chronic Back Pain

I have been suffering from chronic back and shoulder pain for 2 years now (caused by hypermobility) and have tried acupuncture, physio treatment, massage, prescription meds and many other things with no real difference in my pain management. Within three days of taking the double strength blackseed oil orally and rubbing it on my problem areas, I noticed a change in my pain. I would say over the last 3 weeks I have about a 40% reduction in my pain. I have stopped taking the oil orally and am just applying it to my skin. I have ordered the vegan capsules to take as well, as I find the oil not unpleasant but just the taste lingers for a long time! I honestly thought that I would be living with my chronic pain at the level it was at forever so I am so happy to have finally found something that appears to be working. I was super sceptical about the benefits of the black seed oil but I can confidently say that it has definitely given me a huge improvement to my quality of life

Great product

Excellent against all inflammations - internal and external. Good price and fast delivery by mail

Improved sleep

Improvement in sleep pattern and bowel movement.. very quick delivery. Mix with milk to dilute taste.
4 star rating.