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How to Use Black Seed Oil

How to use:

When beginning to use The Black Seed Co's Double Strength Black Seed Oil we  advise that you follow our below guidelines, even if you have been using other brands of Black Seed oil.

Double Strength Oil:

    • Start with half a teaspoon once a day for 3-7 days
    • Then half a teaspoon twice a day for 4 -7 days
    • Finally, you can use up to 3 teaspoons a day, every day

    For optimal results, or if you find the oil too strong, you can mix the above dosages with Organic Raw Jarrah TA 30+ Honey. You can also mix with juice or other suitable liquids. 

    Once you have built a good tolerance to our Double Strength Black Seed Oil it's recommended that you take the oil with honey on an empty stomach 1/2 hour before breakfast. 

    Black seed oil should not be taken while you are pregnant. 

    Dosage (Double Strength Capsules): 







    Our Double Strength Formula Capsules contain the exact same oil that is used in our Double Strength Black Seed Oil, just in a much more convenient and easier to use capsule form. 

    • Start with 1-2 capsules 2x a day 3-7 days ( max 6 capsules a day)
    • Then 2-3 capsules 2x per day for 4 -7 days ( max 8 capsules a day)
    • Finally, you can use up to 3-4 capsules 3x per day, every day
           (6 capsules = 1 teaspoon of oil)


    Black seed oil should not be taken while you are pregnant.

    Children & Infants

    Children 3-11 years should take half the adult dosage.

    Children under 3 should only be given drops of oil (NO capsules) to begin with

    Topical Application

    Our Double Strength Black Seed Oil is also recommended for bodily use, you can also break open our capsules to apply the oil directly on your skin.

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    How to improve your health

    Since taking black seed oil I have had more control of my blood sugar levels, most important for a diabetic. I have suffered chronic back pain for years and black seed has enabled me to halve my painkillers to this point in time and I believe I will be able to cut them a lot more

    Black seed oil caps

    Seem to be just perfect, as I don’t like taste of liquid, so caps are great.

    When I’ve been on longer, I’ll update, but otherwise..service is fast & efficient!

    Amazing Black Seed Oil

    Taking black seed oil for 3 weeks now. Pain and inflammation in hands almost entirely gone....amazing product!

    Black Seed - What a great find!

    We have both been on Double Strength Black Seed Oil Capsules for over a month now, both for Spinal/Back issues & we are really beginning to feel great benefits. My own 'Lifelong Spinal Pain' (Due to Thoracic Syringomyelia!) is easing considerably and my feeling of well being in my emotions is calm & happy. We're coping much better all round. I would highly recommend Black Seed Oil Double Strength Capsules to all who suffer pain in all its many forms. But must admit we have seen an added advantage of a lowering of Blood Sugar Levels for Type 2 Diabetes as well. Another wonder is that due to a genetic deficiency, my breathing problems are also improving.
    I personally tried the Liquid Black Seed Oil & due to bumping up the dose a little too early, had a bit of nausea. So just go slowly & try & be patient. The Oil itself is not a fabulous taste for my 'buds', but a little honey helps.
    This stuff is awesome. Thank you.

    amazing results

    my partner has been taking back seed oil for a month he was having problems with walking because of his knee the inflammation has almost disappeared and he is walking with confidence