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Regular Strength Black Seed Oil
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Regular Strength Black Seed Oil

The Black Seed Co
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Regular Strength Black Seed Oil - The Black Seed Co

**Are you looking for our #1 Best Selling Double Strength Black Seed Oil?**

Regular Strength Black Seed Oil (also known as Blessed Seed, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Kalonji, and Nigella Sativa). 100% pure, freshly cold-pressed, from premium Nigella Sativa seeds

The perfect alternative for infants and children up to 12 years and those who find our Double Strength Black Seed Oil too strong and prefer a smoother and more palatable Black Seed oil.

Our unique Regular Strength Black Seed Oil is freshly cold-pressed from our premium harvested Regular Strength Black Seeds at the slowest speed possible to produce an effective, yet smoother tasting Black Seed oil. 

The Black Seed Co's Regular Strength Black Seed oil is 

  • 100% natural
  • Freshly cold-pressed
  • No chemicals, No preservatives, Solvent free
  • Vegan & naturally gluten-free
  • Packaged in special UV amber glass bottles

    The Black Seed Co Difference

    1. Premium Regular Strength Formula
    2. Packaged in special UV glass bottles 
    3. Tamper-proof cap for peace of mind
    4. 14-day money back guarantee 
    5. Australian customer support 9am-10pm 7 days a week 


      Although not as potent as our #1 best selling Double Strength Formula, The Black Seed Co's Regular Strength Black Seed Oil still contains a high amount of volatile oil between 1-1.2%. Considerably, more potent than other Black Seed Oils that can contain as low as 0.5% of volatile oil. 

      Every batch Regular Strength Black Seed oil is third-party lab tested for volatile oil and Thymoquinone content. This is what differentiates The Black Seed Co from other Black Seed oils, and why we are very confident that we have the most effective range of Black Seed oils available.

      Our Quality Process

      We strive to make sure our Black Cumin Seed Oil is the highest quality oil available. We are so confident about our product, we gladly offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

      Using only the highest quality Black Seeds from around the world, we’re able to produce 100% unrefined virgin Black Cumin Seed Oil.

      Our Regular Strength Black Seed Oils are manufactured using a slow, cold-pressed method using our premium Regular Strength Black Seeds.

      We press our oils at the slowest speed possible, to ensure we have the finest quality cold-pressed Black Seed oil available in the world.

      Our Packaging

      All our Black Cumin Seed oils are supplied in special UV protected amber glass bottles. 

      Glass does not leach and amber glass helps to keep the temperature down and UV light out. It is the best choice to protect and preserve the healing properties of the oil.

      • All our Black Seed oil bottles come fitted with tamper-proof seals for peace of mind.

        We package all orders securely using extra care to individually pack our bottles for increased protection.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews
        Still strong

        Tried the regular strength so that my kids could try it and the flavor is more mild and easier for the kids. Although the double strength is stronger this was still great for my needs and still works!

        Regular bottle for my Autistic daughter

        Trying it out on my Autistic daughter who is also very hyperactive, her body is now calm, mind seems calmer too & the bonus is her hair grew 2inches in just a couple of weeks (15days extactly)

        Great product

        Been using regular strength Black seed oil every day for joint pain and have found it is relieving my pain better than I expected. Using it as a rub with my other essential oils on feet, knees and hands, with great success to date.

        Blackseed co review

        The Blackseed company was very good to do business with. Very professional and prompt delivery.
        I am enjoying using the oil as a suppliment everyday.

        Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, Leila. Please reach out if there's anything else I can help you with. Best wishes, Michael
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        256 reviews
        How to improve your health

        Since taking black seed oil I have had more control of my blood sugar levels, most important for a diabetic. I have suffered chronic back pain for years and black seed has enabled me to halve my painkillers to this point in time and I believe I will be able to cut them a lot more

        Black seed oil caps

        Seem to be just perfect, as I don’t like taste of liquid, so caps are great.

        When I’ve been on longer, I’ll update, but otherwise..service is fast & efficient!

        Amazing Black Seed Oil

        Taking black seed oil for 3 weeks now. Pain and inflammation in hands almost entirely gone....amazing product!

        Black Seed - What a great find!

        We have both been on Double Strength Black Seed Oil Capsules for over a month now, both for Spinal/Back issues & we are really beginning to feel great benefits. My own 'Lifelong Spinal Pain' (Due to Thoracic Syringomyelia!) is easing considerably and my feeling of well being in my emotions is calm & happy. We're coping much better all round. I would highly recommend Black Seed Oil Double Strength Capsules to all who suffer pain in all its many forms. But must admit we have seen an added advantage of a lowering of Blood Sugar Levels for Type 2 Diabetes as well. Another wonder is that due to a genetic deficiency, my breathing problems are also improving.
        I personally tried the Liquid Black Seed Oil & due to bumping up the dose a little too early, had a bit of nausea. So just go slowly & try & be patient. The Oil itself is not a fabulous taste for my 'buds', but a little honey helps.
        This stuff is awesome. Thank you.

        amazing results

        my partner has been taking back seed oil for a month he was having problems with walking because of his knee the inflammation has almost disappeared and he is walking with confidence