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Need more time

I bought this mainly for the capsules, for pain in my back, knee and elbow. Im almost through the first bottle. Its difficult to say if it's made a difference, but giving the benefit of the doubt, I've purchased another two bottles of the DS capsules to give it a fair go. I will say that it has DEFINITELY helped with my sinuses/ sneezing.....that is without any doubt! I take 2 morning and 2 at night. I did use the oil topically on a small rash I had, and it was gone in a couple of days!

So far so good

I just started the first bottle so I can't give much of a feedback. I hope that in a month or so I can give better one. Thanks Aleks.

Jarrah Honey

Reading the description on your sight for the Jarrah Honey, I feel I will get many benefits from it. Have not opened the jar as yet, but soon will.

Very pleased with the items purchased will be ordering more in the future. .

Highly recommend! a Must have boost for the immune system.

My friend got me onto this as she bought it for her dad who had been diagnosed with a tumour. Within two weeks he was out of hospital and feeling a lot better. We figured if it can help with cancer it must be good for you so ordered some. We take it once or twice a week, normally when we're just feeling a little under the weather. It makes you feel better within an hour and neither of us haven't been sick since we started taking it. The capsules are better than the oil!